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A 3 hour walking tour, tracing Amsterdam's roots as a muddy swamp to its sudden and unexpected explosion to world superpower. A center of power, wealth and, surprisingly, liberalism. All the best sights and stories that the city has to offer.

On this tour we will discuss:

  • The Dutch Golden Age

  • The Rise and Fall of the Dutch Empire

  • World War 2 and the Nazi Occupation

  • Dutch Tolerance

  • Good Dutch food

  • and plenty more!

€175 per group

red light district.jpg

Red light district tour

Amsterdam's most famous district

The city's least understood area. Many visitors to Amsterdam see only the first layer - a theme park of vice. On this 2 hour tour, we'll take you behind the scenes to help you understand how successful this social experiment has really been.

€150 per group

Secret Sender Splash.jpg

MYSTERY CITY - A Historical Treasure Hunt

A brand new experience!

Now for something completely different. A new way of touring a city - no guide, just you, your friends and a mystery to solve! Who is A Secret Sender, the elusive Amsterdammer? Explore the city, see the sights, solve the puzzles and try something new and exciting!

€25 per person

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I don't believe that history should be boring. That's why I work hard to make sure my tours are not only rich in detail and seeped in history, but they're fun and funny, too! 

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